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Services for OwnPages Zero-Cost Phone and Mail System


  • Service is free for moderate volume users
  • Incoming DIDs and toll free from 50 countries
  • Worldwide calling, US/UK at 0.99c/minute
  • Incoming mail relay for use on dynamic IP addresses
  • Outgoing relay to deliver using ADSL type links
  • Anti-spam/virus, multi-location, mail compression
  • Offsite archiving and mail accounts
  • Custom design and install services
  • PBX and Contact Centre hosting @ $0.5/hour

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"In which we reveal our revenue model"

OwnPages comes with convenient bundled services. Services are free for moderate users and charged thereafter. Services are optional, since OwnPages works standalone or with any service provider. However OwnPages services are easier to configure, dramatically reduce bandwidth and other costs and are designed ground up for use with OwnPages.

Phone service, aka SIP trunk, aka Minutes

  • Worldwide calling at exceptional rates.
  • US and UK at just 0.99c/minute.
  • Both PBX and automated dialer traffic catered to.
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Phone numbers and toll free

  • Incoming numbers and toll free from 50 countries.
  • Return call feature gives you worldwide presence for free!
  • Skype users can call you free of charge (to them).
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OwnMail gateway services, aka SMTP relay

  • Relay to allow operation on dynamic and private IP address.
  • Anti-spam/virus.
  • Dramatic reduction in bandwidth costs
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Bespoke services and low cost staffing

  • No one knows OwnPages like we do. Our engineers do the following:
  • Remote installations, customization, security lockdown, integration, scaling.
  • Staffing from low cost countries.
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Hourly Hosting @ $0.5/hour

  • Save 75% of hosting charges by powering off OwnPages when not needed.
  • Cloud voicemail lets you power down OwnPages and yet have voicemail.
  • Zero Capex hosted dialers billed on hourly basis!
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Free offer

  • 1000 minutes to US free monthly.
  • Monetary equivalent can be used for any PBX or Mail service.
  • Beyond free offer service blocks till payment made.
  • Offer valid till stocks last.

Service restrictions - free offer

  • Outgoing calls limited to 1000 distinct numbers monthly - no call centres
  • Similarly, outgoing email limited to 1000 distinct emailids monthly - no spam
  • You must make a call to a number first, before that number can call you.
  • Free offer only for use in OwnPages servers.

Payments and Subscribing

  • Moderate users can continue indefinitely with demo account.
  • Heavier users can move to production by depositing money into their account.
  • First payment must be for USD200 by wire or PayPal.
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