OwnMail Services


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  • Mail server that can use private/dynamic IP addresses
  • Suitable for multi-location organizations
  • Maintenance-free design, no need for a technician
  • Browser interface with all features, no need to load software
  • Can be used from shared computers
  • Huge mailboxes, no need to delete old mail
  • Mail can be read while traveling
  • Dramatically lower cost of servicing branch offices
  • Archiving ensures continuity despite employee turnover
  • Complete helpdesk support for switchover to OwnMail

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"Mail server for dynamic IP addresses"

OwnMail eliminates the need to subscribe to public IP addresses and leased lines to setup full fledged mail servers on your network. It is maintenance-free, suitable for multilocation and shared computer setups. This and its compressed delivery capabilities gives you huge cost savings with great flexibility. See some of its benefits below:

Business class benefits

Run email servers on dynamic and / or private IP addresses
  • Run local email servers on private and dynamic IP addresses
  • Use cheap ADSL/FTTH connections, no need for leased lines and the like
  • Mail accessible on the go, despite dynamic or private IP addresses
Maintenance-free design
  • Designed from ground up to be used without technical help
  • No need to run separate anti-virus or anti spam gateways
  • No need to install or configure software if you use browser based email
Suitable for multi-location organisations
  • Ability to define multiple OwnPages locations
  • Combine OwnPages for some locations with webmail / POP access for others
  • Fine grained delegation of administrative rights
  • Dramatically loser cost of servicing branch offices
Suitable for shared computers
  • Full featured browser based design makes it easy to share computers
  • Huge mailboxes, no need to download messages
Compressed email delivery - save bandwidth
  • Unique compressed email delivery option reduces BW by 50%
  • Early detect, anti-spam and anti-virus features reduce BW by another third

Enterprise class features

User features
  • Browser based email.
  • Pop access.
  • Personal message filters
  • Personal signature
  • Download from other POP accounts
  • Auto-reply
  • Message search
  • Address book in compose
  • Delivery receipts / read receipts
  • Message forward
  • Automatic save of sent messages
  • Reminders via email
  • Can be used from office, home or on the road, no need for a laptop
  • Can be used from shared computers
Administrative features
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes of between 200 - 1,500MB. Default 200MB
  • Powerful Anti-virus, Anti-spam
  • Delegation of administrative functions
  • Global message filters
  • Global signature or message / Sign-up message.
  • Web site email is completely customisable
  • Message archiving
  • Postmaster facility
  • Message tracking system
  • All features available via web browser, no need to load any software.