Referral Scheme


  • Commissions on 3 levels of reference
  • Generate unique signup links
  • Customers get discount to signup via you
  • Reseller tools page in console
  • Payout via PayPal

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"Spread the message and earn"

OwnPages's referral scheme allows you to earn for each reference that takes up our services. And their references too!
  • The preferences page in your console has an option to convert your account to reseller status.
  • Once you do that, the "invite" page in your console begins to show reseller tools.
  • The invite page has a link to let you send email to invite people to use our services.
  • This email invite has a unique link that can be used by your referees to signup to our service.
  • Those that use that link to sign up generate commissions for you.
  • You can leave this link at various forums too.
  • You also get commissions on your referees' references, and their references too!
  • You thus get varying percentages of commission for 3 levels of references
  • Your customers get a small discount for signing up via your link.
  • You can also get a discount code to let your customers get that discount from our signup page.
  • The commission you get on various levels of reference is displayed on the "invite" page in your console.
  • You can ask for a payout via PayPal when your account balance exceeds USD100.
  • Reseller tools let you analyse usage, commissions and conversions.
  • Sign-up for a demo of the service you would like to refer as the first step and to see applicable commissions.
  • See more information here.