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Phone numbers for your PBX and Contact Centre


  • DIDs from 50 countries starting $3.99/month
  • Choice of per minute or per channels charges
  • Toll free DIDs from 6 countries
  • US toll free @US1.99c/minute
  • Fax2Email @USD15/month
  • Cloud Voicemail at no additional charge
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"Incoming numbers from 50 countries!"

OwnPages provides incoming phone numbers from thousands of cities in more than 50 countries and toll free numbers from 6. However the icing on the cake is OwnPages return call service, in which a local number is used as a callerID when you make international calls, allowing people to return your calls at local call rates.

Phone numbers (DID) from 50 countries

  • Incoming numbers from tens of thousands of cities in 50 countries.
  • US and UK numbers at just $3.99/month. See rest
  • Per minute call charges are same as outgoing call charges in your plan
  • E.g. If you call USA for US0.99c/min, cost of incoming call on a US DID is same
  • Per channel rent is USD15/month for any DID, unlimited incoming calls
  • You can choose per channel or per minute charges
  • Monthly cost = Rent + per channel rent OR + per minute cost
  • Setup cost is equal to monthly rent
  • Per minute DIDs have default 10 shared channels

Toll Free numbers from 6 countries

  • Call charges start @US1.99c/minute for US toll free. See rest
  • No per channel option for toll free DIDs
  • Default 10 channels for toll free numbers

Return Call Feature

  • Your callerID will be set to a number from the country called where possible.
  • The person you have called can call you back by dialing that number.
  • You have to dial a phone just once for it to be able to call you back for life.
  • For such calls you will be charged USD0.0099/minute from ANY country.
  • Use this feature to allow people to call you cheaply.
  • Use this also to reduce your cost to call high priced destinations.
  • Unused callerIDs will however be deleted after 6 months to a year.

Skype users can call your PBX

  • Available in 2 flavors: 2 stage and direct connect.
  • In 2 stage skype user connects to OwnPages and then dials your UID.
  • Use beyond free offer below is charged USD0.0099/minute.
  • In direct connect, your PBX is given an individual skype handle.
  • When skype users connect to your handle, they reach your PBX directly.
  • Direct connect is priced at USD4.99/month/channel, no per minute cost.


  • Any DID except toll free can be terminated in Fax2Email.
  • Per channel charges are USD15/month for any DID, unlimited incoming calls
  • No per minute option for Fax2Email.
  • No setup cost for Fax2Email

Cloud Voicemail - Free

  • Lets you power down OwnPages and yet handle incoming calls.
  • Dramatically reduce cost of your Amazon Hosted PBX and Contact Centre.
  • All DIDs including toll free can be delivered to cloud voicemail
  • Voicemail can be delivered to you by email or be left in your console.
  • No additional charge for this service.

Free offer

  • Upto 1000 minutes of return calls or 2 stage skype free per month
  • Above is consolidated with free outgoing offer here.
  • Outgoing calls limited to 1000 distinct numbers monthly - no call centres
  • Free offer only for use in OwnPages servers.

DIDs without OwnPages

  • DIDs can be subscribed to without using OwnPages
  • Online real time console for CDRs, payments and preferences
  • Payments by bank transfer or credit card
  • Choice of IP authentication or username / password
  • g729 or g711 codec for delivery