OwnMail Services

OwnMail Gateway Services, aka SMTP relay


  • Service is free for moderate volume users
  • Incoming mail relay for use on dynamic IP addresses
  • Outgoing relay to deliver using ADSL type links
  • Anti-spam/virus, multi-location, mail compression
  • Offsite archiving and mail accounts
  • No setup fee, monthly minimum, or rent

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"Full Service @ 1/10th the cost"

OwnMail Gateway services are optional, since OwnMail works standalone if given a public and static IP. However the services detailed below greatly improve the experience, cost and ease of use of your mail system. Most of these services can be used with other mail servers too.

Use cheap Internet Connections

  • Incoming relay to allow operation on dynamic and private IP address.
  • Outgoing closed relay to deliver reliably from ADSL type links.
  • Above allows you to operate inhouse mail servers without leased lines etc.
  • Experience dramatic reductions in bandwidth and equipment cost

Anti-spam, Anti-virus

  • OwnMail Gateway cleans spam and viruses from your messages.
  • 97% efficiency in detecting spam and viruses.
  • Cleansing is outside your network, hugely reducing bandwidth requirements.

Other benefits of OwnMail Gateway

  • Multi-location setups under same domain.
  • Compressed email delivery - save 50% of your bandwidth
  • Offsite archiving of mail.
  • Proxy to enable accessing mail using web or POP outside LAN.
  • Offsite mail accounts for road warriors etc.


  • USD1/GB of bandwidth used or monthly offsite disk space consumed.
  • No setup fee, monthly minimum, or rent.
  • Free gateway service for moderate use under free offer here.