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Hourly Hosting for your PBX and Contact Centre


  • Hourly rate hosting
  • No setup fee, monthly minimum
  • Amazon EC2 based
  • Cloud voicemail for calls when OwnPages is powered down
  • Zero capex hourly hosted predictive dialer

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"Save 75% of hosting charges"

Did you know that assuming a 40hr week, you work just 25% of the year? Introducing the OwnPages hourly hosted PBX and contact centre that leverages Amazon's EC2 to let you power down when you are not working, saving you 75% of hosting charges in the process.

Hourly hosting @ $0.5/hour

  • Your online console has a button to power cycle OwnPages.
  • Pay for just the hours you use your OwnPages instance.
  • No setup fee, monthly minimum, or monthly rent.
  • Hosted on Amazon's EC2 service.
  • Hourly rate of USD0.5 for High-CPU Medium instance.

Cloud Voicemail - Free

  • Lets you power down OwnPages and yet handle incoming calls.
  • Dramatically reduce cost of your Amazon Hosted PBX and Contact Centre.
  • All DIDs including toll free can be delivered to cloud voicemail
  • Voicemail can be delivered to you by email or be left in your console.
  • No additional charge for this service.

Hourly Hosted Predictive Dialer

  • Zero Capex hosted dialers billed on hourly basis!
  • Part of your OwnPages suite.
  • Dramatically lower bandwidth cost.
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