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Voice Broadcasting with OwnPages


  • Play recorded message to thousands in a short time
  • Leave messages in mailboxes
  • "Press 1" type of campaign: listener can press a digit to speak to your agent
  • Conduct automated telephone surveys
  • Massively scalable capacity
  • Text to speech
  • Call charges start from $0.0099/min!
  • 3 line demo available

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"High Capacity Broadcasting from $0.0099/min!"

Use OwnPages voice broadcasting system to play a message to thousands of people in a short time, to leave messages in mailboxes, to conduct automated surveys or for a "press 1" type of campaign where the listener can press a digit to speak to your agent after the message. Capacity scales from 50 to 4000 simultaneous lines! Call charges start from $0.0099/min (US/Canada)! Text to speech is an added option. Demo available.


  • Play pre-recorded or text to speech messages or a combination of both.
  • Internal DNC list. Listener can dial a digit to place herself on DNC list.
  • Record response of listener.
  • Full answering machine detection. Play one message for answering machines and another for live answer.
  • Ability to wait for silence on line before playing message: ensure your message is heard.
  • Listener can be transferred to a logged in agent, or forwarded to any phone number on pressing a digit.
  • Text to speech option: Get listeners' attention by speaking name and other personalised details.
  • Text to speech option can speak out any detail from your uploaded database.
  • Broadcast dialer is also able to dial the same leads in predictive, automatic or manual modes.
  • Free 24x7 telephonic support

Use of Hosted Dialer

  • You will get a online console in which you can start and stop the dialer.
  • After clicking on start, the dialer is functional in about 1 minute
  • Your online console also has the link to administer your dialer
  • The same link allows your agents to log in
  • Once you setup your dialer, the configuration stays even after stopping it
  • You are billed for whole hours between starting and stopping the dialer
  • Online demo available
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A'la Carte pricing! Cheapest broadcasting solution on Earth!

Dialer Costs

  • Decide line capacity of your broadcasting dialer: Standard sizes are 50 and 200.
  • You pay $1/hr for 50 line dialer and $4/hr for 200 line dialer.
  • No setup fee for standard capacity.
  • We also have non-standard line capacities between these and beyond to 4000 lines.
  • Non-standard line capacity dialers have a setup fee starting from $90. Our helpdesk has more information.
  • No monthly minimum spend, no contract.

Call Charges

  • Broadcast to any country on the planet. USA/Canada are at $0.0099/minute. More countries
  • Text to speech charged for additionally @ $0.00099/minute. Yes, that's less than 1/10th of a cent per minute.
  • Only answered calls are charged.

Sign-up for a free trial now, procrastinate before paying up.

Signing up for a free trial

  • Click on the "take demo" link and register for the free trial.
  • A 3 line dialer will be started for you in a minute, along with a help pane with instructions.
  • The dialer will remain functional for a couple of hours before switching off.
  • We add credit daily for about 5 days to let you return to the trial.
  • We recommend scheduling a walk through of the trial by sending us a phone, time and time zone to call you at.

Converting your free trial account to production

  • Make a small payment into your OwnPages account to test your ability to pay for the service.
  • Sign-in to www.ownpages.com at the top right corner, click on Open console -> Payments -> Pay now by Paypal.
  • From the Paypal account's email address, please send us the address listed in your Paypal account.
  • Also send us your requirements by email to servicesownpages.com.
  • Tell us how many seats or lines you need.
  • Tell us also your special requirements such as staffing, broadcasting lines or CRM integration etc.
  • The first payment from a Paypal account undergoes a verification process that takes about 1 working day.
  • Schedule a walk through of the service by sending us a phone, time and time zone to call you at.
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