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About Us

Ever hear of the people who started out with open source software to create a free communication system and ended up spending a man's life savings worth on associated hardware? Hear of us. Lame limerick follows:
So stung were we
by the cost of free
we created OwnPages, green as a tree.
New hardware it lets you flee.
OwnPages is the fastest and cheapest way to roll phone and email services for your firm. We avoid new hardware (even for extensions) or leased lines (even for email servers) or anything that can slow you down or increase startup costs.
OwnPages is a service from Trikon, a licensed communication service provider in India. We have 12 years experience in communication services and have served more than 4000 companies. OwnPages is an attempt to productise services we have been providing for a while now. Some details about the OwnPages team below.

Deven Verma - Product Architect

Deven began his telecom days as a research analyst where he first learned of the huge regulatory imbalances the industry suffers from. He has more than decade of experience in VoIP. He hated the switch from H323 to SIP and still believes the former to be better. He once liked to solder circuits together, but lost his soldering iron after his son and daughter were born.

Alpesh Lad - Customer Service Co-ordinator

Alpesh began his career co-ordinating support for PBX installations, and may well end it doing the same. He too likes designing circuits. He is in large part responsible for the favorable testimonials of customer service we gather. His spare time is currently spent with his little nephew.

Binu Nair - Research and Development

Binu has been named grandfather of R&D at the tender age of 32. He designs our backend and billing systems. He also designs softphones and is responsible for integrating FlashPhone into the OwnPages PBX. His daughter is his hobby.

Deepesh Damodaran - Research and Development

Deepesh designs our Amazon based infrastructure and Asterisk based products. Speed is his friend and he is known to get a week's work done in a day on occasion. He has no hobbies he would like to publicly speak about.

Shridhar Shetty - Research and Development

The youngest member of the team, Shridhar is responsible for executing customisations and bespoke requirements. He handles remote installations and monitors OwnPages instances. We take turns to ensure he has no time for hobbies.

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