* Organization name
* Email (to get activation key)
* Country (for incoming number)

Your domain

Select the domain name to register under; this is usually your organisation's email address after the @ sign or the web site without the www. If you have such a domain, choose Existing Domain. If you do not know what a domain is, choose the auto generated Ownpages subdomain.
New domain
  • We register a new domain for you after your trial.
  • Get a PBX, email system and web site with this option.
  • Till domain registered, get email under yourdomain.ownpages.com.
Existing domain
  • Tell us if you have an existing domain name.
  • You may transfer this domain to us if you need the email service.
  • Till domain transfered, get email under yourdomain.ownpages.com.
  • You can also use OwnPages in standalone mode with this option.
Ownpages subdomain
  • Choose this option if you dont have or want a domain.
  • You will only be able to use PBX services under this option.
* Please type in the domainname
  www.  . 


If you want to use the pbx service please specify how you want the extensions generated
  • I don't require PBX service
  • Extensions should begin with
  • Number of digits in extension